Intestate is a novel I wrote in the mid-1990s. At the time, publishers and agents couldn’t decide which parts were most objectionable, there was always disagreement. Now you can go through the same process of analysis and objection for yourself.


Paris art, Argentinian politics: Alanza Suarez returns home after a year studying in a deeply European but exceptionally strange artist’s studio. In Buenos Aires the Dirty War deepens ever further into raw inhumanity.

From Alanza’s French lover arrives an unexpected and bizarre present – erotically charged,  but, in a context Argentinian rather than Parisian, the gift takes on a flavour of the prevailing culture of violence and cynicism.

Her sister Leonora fills an intellectual void - but fills it with emotion.  The two begin an incestuous affair. Their violence and mutual physical demands flicker between the social and the private. Evenings spent among the dispossessed, the dying and the dead; evenings spent  a deux, remembering, conjuring torture and pain into deeply felt life.

In Paris, Phillipe dreams of Alanza and South American exoticism, but he arrives to find a world of eccentric gardeners, postmen, and a lover utterly distorted – physically and mentally – from the unformed girl he knew in Europe. His cultivation has been replaced by a wild breeding.